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Fuchsia 'Lady Boothby'


By Andrewr

Berkshire, England Eng

This is the one that is advertised as a 'climbing fuchsia'. Is anyone growing it. Does it really climb (or scramble) or is it just a very tall fuchsia? And what support have you given it?

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Hi there! Yes I have had dear Lady Boothby for a couple of years and she is a VERY tall fuchsia that needs to be tied in to something as she does not climb and I have had to tie my ones to various trellis or let them grow through other things. If you don't stop her - she will just keep going upwards! I had some about 8-10' tall last year! So I nip the tops out and use them as cuttings and they grow like weeds....just stick them in a pot - or a glass of water - or even just the ground where you would like them to grow and they will...they are so vigorous! Or pass the cuttings round your friends!! They are also hardy - as I found after last winter which was mighty cold in this area.

28 Jul, 2009


i have it too, going through trellis. the leaves sort of hang off the laths, its not a twinner though. mine got to 4ft last year and the frost cut it back to 2ft. it is off again. i tie some in with soft twine

are you thinking of getting one Andrewr? The flower is typical magenta outer tepals with purple inner petals.

28 Jul, 2009


PS...beg a cutting from somebody - and with your obvious green fingers, will have half a dozen plants in 2-3 months and many more by the end of the season! That nice neighbour of your would maybe like some on the other side of that new fence too!!!! LOL

28 Jul, 2009


Yes...this is a very old variety that the plant companies are trying to "re-invent"..!!!!!...I find that if I do not cut it back too hard in the doesn't shoot up too much, and is controlable....

28 Jul, 2009


I see my suspicions were justified then - it's not a climber in the sense that it doesn't twine and doesn't have clinging petioles - it's a tall shrub that needs tying in, basically. And people call me a cynic ....

29 Jul, 2009


this plant does not is just a lanky variety. however it is a nice plant and can be made bushier by cutting out the growing tips. this does delay flowering though. I noticed one company advertising a climbing geranium, I guess it will be much the same story

23 Nov, 2010


Hi Islander - we meet again! And yes - the Lady B fuchsia and the so-called climbing geranium have that trait in common!!! I used the said climbing geraniums this year and they trailed beautifully!!!! LOL

24 Nov, 2010

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