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Baby toms


By Fluff

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

You know when your tomatoes are coming on nicely...still green but all different sizes on the branch (right word?)...should you take off those teeny,tiny ones just visible under their little green fairy hat? The ones the size of pin heads?
They won't grow into anything will they? Won't they take nourishment from the plant which it should be giving to the others?

Also...I read somewhere that you should take off many of the leaves to help air-flow, allow light through fact if you google this there is a blog from a guy who preaches that you should take off all but 3 of the leaves from each plant. Of course it has to be a certain 3 only & to find that out you must download or buy the book for a sum of money.

Any free advice on how many leaves to take off & which ones? Lol! (I already do the pinching out the little shoots & then the top when it's grown enough.)



a reasonable rule is once the first truss of fruit has set remove the branches up to the first truss , I do this Fluff although I tend to remove them one every few days. Once I have all these removed then if I feel a plant still has lots of leaves I will remove the odd one that is covering fruit from getting light. Lots of different theory's with this Fluff but this one works for me.

28 Jul, 2009


Fluff to answer your first question - leave the baby toms alone would be my advise and let them grow to whatever size they manage.

Sometimes I remove a lot of the leaves, other years I don't bother... seems to have little effect to be honest

28 Jul, 2009


Leave those teeny weeny toms alone, Fluff - you will be surprised how they grow on and once the bigger ones are ripe and eaten(!) the wee one catch up fast. I never strip out the leaves until I am picking fruit - they supply the nourishment. Then I start at the bottom and work up as they start to go "off-colour" or get too crowded and shade the fruits....but just a few at a time. Later in the season - when the days are shortening and the light is less strong - then take more of them off - especially the ones near the glass -which will cut down the sun's rays.
Happy gathering!

28 Jul, 2009


Ok thank you I'll do all that! Is it only the Scots who know about toms?!! :0)

28 Jul, 2009


Not true Fluff, but do as they say and you can't go far wrong. My first truss is now ready for picking , this is gardeners delight.

29 Jul, 2009


Dont remove to many leaves, i was told to leave the one directly above a truss (but remove others). This is to keep the amount of food and water being taken up by the plant and therfore the truss. Not sure if true, but i do it anyway

29 Jul, 2009

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