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By Gralew

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Are heucheras shade tolerent, have one but is in full sun.Would like to grow more, after seeing so many beautiful ones on GoY



Most prefer some shade and the paler ones really need it.

7 Oct, 2012


I would say some are, I have 11 and all mine are in full sun, the darker ones do better though, the 2 pale ones I have moved to some shade as they were stayed smaller and had crispy leaves.

7 Oct, 2012


Hi Gralew, if you google Plantagogo you'll see which heucheras like sun and which need shade. Vicky1 (you could type her name in the Goy search box) who is a GOY member owns Plantagogo and they have the national collection of them and heucherellas and tiarellas. The pics on the Plantagogo site are good and the information second to none. You'll find out everything you need to know on there. A word of warning though'll want to order loads so steel your heart:-)

7 Oct, 2012


I have them in full sun and shade, I have found that the ones in sunshine change colour the darker ones turn to more reddish colours as an example 'Prince' in the border it is shaded and has kept its colour dark, in full sunshine in a pot on the patio it is very red in colour. Quite astonishing to see the difference. Do not know if it is detrimental though to them. Just like to see them in pots as well as the border, very addictive plants, have now put some in hanging baskets for colour through the winter.

9 Oct, 2012


There are not many Heucheras that like complete shade, as far as I can see. The paler ones like more shade than those with darker leaves. It is amazing how leaf colour can change with the seasons on some of them. Tiramisu is Reddish early in the year of the year. Then it goes yellow green. I keep it shaded in a pot on the patio. It blooms for ages and has unusual shape in bud too. The main trouble with them is vine weevil grubs attacking the root system. Check regularly that they are firm in their pots.

9 Oct, 2012


I had to move Stoplight into complete shade

9 Oct, 2012

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