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Hi everyone,

I just found this site and was impressed with some of the pictures.
I've got a backgarden which has, I think some good potential and that is currently a bit too much work and 'old style'....I would really like to do a makeover and wondering if there's anyone that could recommend ideas and/or offer some sort of service with design ideas? (at very low £!)...
I could post some more pictures, measures and provide more details of what I would def like to have/keep....
There's a pond on the far end corner(right) whereas on the left hand side there's a single garage, then a patch where I grow vegs, then a big plant on the ground surrounded by shingle and then again another patch where I grow vegs.

I'd like to keep at least an area where I could grow vegs, ideally putting a raised area but improve anything else

Attached few pictures: spring/summer, winter, from both the end of the garden facing the house and viceversa.

Any ideas/suggestions are very much welcome!

Thank you so much in advance.

Regards :)

Garden_summer Garden_winter Garden_from_pond



As a start, we don't do designs for £. We're a forum for like-minded gardeners, mostly amateur or retired. Having said that we're not short of ideas/inspiration! The garden seems to have quite a good basic structure if a little predictable! To cut down on work, try choosing some reliable shrubs and perennials. Try to create areas that are hidden from your first view so that the garden reveals itself as you walk around it. I would choose a couple of small trees to mask the roofs in the background. Try Amelanchier or Betula (silver birch, try B. jaquemontii for its lovely white bark). Then maybe make the shape of the lawn more interesting with curved edges or an oval or 2 circles? Browse through our catalogue of photos (go to Garden Pictures at the top and choose a category.) Above all, have fun, it's about the journey....

8 Oct, 2012

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