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Pyracantha, Red Column


By Junie

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

I have planted this against a wall that is in shade all day, do you think this will survive o.k? Any advice would be appreciated.



It'll survive, but it probably won't grow very well - pyracanthas do need some sun - though it helps if the wall is white, doesn't have overhanging trees, and the pyracantha isn't surrounded by other large shrubs, etc, because the ambient light level will then be higher, and you might get away with it. You'll just have to wait and see if it copes with the degree of shade.

30 Jul, 2009


I've got one that gets a fair amount of shade in summer when the nearby jasmine goes a bit mad - it gets more light in winter as the shading plants are all deciduous. It's healthy looking but hardly flowers. I planted it for security reasons in that position but it's a shame not to have many berries plus it has been fairly slow growing.

30 Jul, 2009


thanks both, opinions much appreciated. I am wondering whether to cut my losses already and get something else for that spot - my plan was to have something berry-loading right next to my back window so I could watch the birds, but as you say there probably wont be many berries, so I will have a rethink.

30 Jul, 2009


How about a Cotoneaster horizontalis Junie. They are fantastic at almost all times of the year - bees adore the little flowers and the blackbirds can't wait to get at the berries. I have one that self -seeded (another of its tricks!) into a very dark corner of my back yard - I certainly would not have planted it there as there is virtually no sunshine - and it is unstoppable! No prickles either!!
My one has trained itself up a wall and I plant things through it each nasturtiums - so I can just nip out my back door and pick the leaves for my salad! I love watching the birds too - feasting in the winter with the snow lying on its long branches.

30 Jul, 2009


Thanks, Alzheimer, will definitely consider that, do you think it will eventually climb to a height of around 6ft, to cover a particular ugly wall?

30 Jul, 2009


EASILY! My one is at least ten foot high and needs selective pruning each year - which it doesn't get!! Just nip out the tips of the branches to make it "widen" and leave the top ones will take the hint! If you have a wide area - as well as a high one - get two or three of them and they will soon hide your wall. They are not expensive - and are worth it. Good luck!

31 Jul, 2009

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