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I have a large 8x8ft rhododendron with a clematis tangutica growing up it- this has been prolifc this yr and whole of rhodi is covered with tangutica seed heads now. in the past ive cut this back, often pulling off the rhodi buds in the process, would i be better to leave it till spring or cut the clematis back to base then try and pull off the old growth?



I have not grown Clematis tangutica through a rhody, but I can see that the two could be very compatible. You obviously don't want to pull off the rhody buds and I am wondering if it is necessary to cut the clematis back hard at all? We prune our tanguticas only out of necessity when they get too vigorous, usually twice a year. Could you just cut back the excessive growth on yours to keep it tidy?

8 Oct, 2012


thanks for advice- will try it, the clematis seed heads form a blanket over the rhodi, but maybe i could pull any remaining old growth off, after the rhodi has flowered in may/june

10 Oct, 2012

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