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By Arran

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Thanks for the reply, how do i reply apart from doing it this way or is this the only way to reply to those who reply to my questions ? anyway thanks for that advice, ive looked on the internet and both names of the plant look the same so now im not to sure which one it is ? sorry !! but they do look the same ? the only change that i can see that it has had is that i got it from IKEA and it wasn't in the best place were they had all the plants for sale, so hopefully thats the change from their cold warehouse to my house , thanks again for your reply, yes i do agree they do seem to be a sensitive plant but the good news is that there is new leaf growth and apart from the leaf drop it looks really healthy just a bit bear at the bottom ?, thanks again for your reply,



You're very welcome Arran. You can reply by making your comment in the comments box under our comments on your original question.

30 Jul, 2009


Thanks again hope this is the box your saying lol yes it is by the looks of it, just did a test run !! Thanks

30 Jul, 2009


I suspect the name for the plant is in fact Ficus benjamina 'Danielle'. Danielle being a cultivar name, which means it's been bred to vary slightly from the species benjamina. Sometimes these names get shortened with labelling though which can get a bit confusing.

30 Jul, 2009


Thats sounds more like it as they both look the same lol sorry for being thick !! i was thinking that the other person had got it wrong and confused them both !! but i agree with you as it makes sense. One question Are they a male or female plant as daft as it sounds, or don't the Ficus have males and females, reason for asking is that i know some plants can be males and females and the name Benjamina Danielle dos sound a little female dont you think !! and thats got me thinking, or is that only with plants that pollinate ?

30 Jul, 2009

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