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Has anyone ever had their potatoes start to grow on top of the ground?

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I live in southeastern Ontario (just off Lake Ontario) and I came home from vacation to find bunches of small green potatoes growing from the plant above ground!



I know a chap that dosent dig. He lays his spuds on top of the soil and then just covers them with compost/soil and adds to it as they grow.

Good idea really when you think that all the good bits of the soil are the top bits anyway.

30 Jul, 2009


greenthumb those aren't small green potatoes they are the fruit of the potato plant and are poisonous if eaten. Either ignore them or pick off and compost.

Treesandthings there really is no difference to planting the potatoes an inch or two down in the soil and then earthing up as they grow than there is in laying them on the soil and instantly covering with more soil/compost and continuing to do this. In both cases the potato tuber is effectively under the ground. Which is necessary as you don't want light getting to the growing potatoes.

30 Jul, 2009

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