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We have inherited a sambucas nigra with pink flowers in our new garden and it's beautiful about 10' tall. Can we eat the berries? Are they 'elderberries'? The hedge at the bottom of the garden is an "ordinary" elder with perfumed white flowers and I know the berries and flowers can be used to make cordials or wine, but the black tree is a new one on me. Any advice please? I'd hate to poison anyone!!



Yes you can eat the ripe berries of black lace. Not tried them myself (my mother warned me never to eat anything off a plant in the garden and I find it hard to ever even try my own berries and strawberries!).

8 Oct, 2012


Thank you kildermorie. I'll try some wine!

8 Oct, 2012


Yes you can eat them if they are big enough - mine are measly little things and not worth picking.

9 Oct, 2012

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