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Why hasn't my big old Photinia hedge grown at all this year?

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I am completely puzzled. This well established hedge has only had one cut so far this season. For the past six years I have had to give it countless trims every spring to autumn. I am wondering whether anyone else has experienced the same? It doesn't look sick. Just not moving. Well I suppose it saves work, but it lacks fresh and colourful leaves to enjoy. Help please, great sages of wisdom.




Can you post a photo Jonathan? it will give us an idea.

30 Jul, 2009


Hey-presto, one pic. Howzat!

31 Jul, 2009


Good Pic Jonathan, your Photinia had a slow start this year with the cold winter, late spring and below average rainfall.
I am in Surrey, so you are just above us. I would leave it alone till next spring, enjoy the colour through the winter, feed well in March and you should see good improvement.

31 Jul, 2009


Thanks Doctorbob, How do you feed something so big? Does it mean huge handfuls of Osmocote (Growmore) granules? This section of my hedge is about 8 feet. And can I expect feeding fertilizer to be likely to improve leaf colour, ie, the bright redness of the leaves when they occur like so in spring?

31 Jul, 2009


Use blood, fish and bone or better still John Innes base fertiliser. 4ozs per square yard in March and again in June.
Tomorite will improve leaf colour. Although late to feed now you could try a strong feed of Tomorite now and an indian summer may show good results.

31 Jul, 2009


Many thanks. I will make a note of this info and store it somewhere for come next spring. Am thinking about the Tomorite. Oh, the ££££ cost of gardening!

31 Jul, 2009

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