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What do I do with Nasturtiium pods after removing them

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I noticed a lot of pods so have kept them in the greenhouse but not sure how to use them now for next year. Do I split them, or dry them out and when do I plant them for more nasturtium next year? Or could I put themin the ground now?



dry em pop them in an envelope right the typeof seed and when they were collected on the outside of the envelope and then put them somewhere dry and dark for winter , bring them out in spring and plant up inseed trays.

31 Jul, 2009


If you mean to grow the nasturtiums in the same place again next year - just leave the pods to drop off and they will grow again anyway! If you want to grow them somewhere else - then - by all means keep them dry and safe in a paper bag with the name on - then just stick 'em in the ground or scatter them where you want them to grow! Once you've started nasturtiums - unless you are the tidiest gardener ever - you have them for life! Enjoy!

31 Jul, 2009


This is a marvellous site, thank you to all who took the time and trouble to answer my questions. Roxy

31 Jul, 2009

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