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What to cover raspberry plant with?

Massachusetts, United States Us

I planted a raspberry stem with root i and I was wondering what to cover it with so the birds dont get it but still let sun and rain through it has three new buds with two that started a week ago, they have little budding fruit nubs coming through and before they turn red I want to get them covered.



If you have only just planted the cane it is unlikely to fruit this year. Raspberries are notorious for sulking when first planted. With just one cane when it does start to fruit push for posts into the ground around the cane and cover with netting. Make sure it is properly fastened down so that the birds don't get their feet tangled in it. To be honest we don't bother covering our canes and lose very little fruit to the birds.

31 Jul, 2009


I just planted some raspberries for the first time this spring. They have produced some fruit. I haven't bothered covering them and to my knowledge I don't think the birds have had any at all.

31 Jul, 2009


thank you moongrower and sid. It does have a couple of flowers that look like they are going to bear but we'll wait and seeAnd I might just go get the netting. I just dont want any birds plucking my fruit before me.

31 Jul, 2009


If these are summer fruiting, then really you should pull the fruit off to build the plant/s up for next year.

I have had much succes in the past at my previous house. Success is down to good pruning, good staking and feeding. Being on clay my soil is quite good for minerals. I just used to add a sprinkle of blood fish and bone at the end of the season following pruning and some chicken manure (pelletised ) in earlier spring and the blood fish and bone again.

Pruning need to be done v. carefully theres plenty of help out there.

But you need to know whether your fruit is summer or autumn fruitng the pruning is different for each. If you get mixed up youll have no fruit.

I fwe get some sun the W/E Ill be photo ing mine to put up on the site.

31 Jul, 2009


Reading these replies agian I see yours is just flowering this sounds like you have autumn fruiting.

If you dont know we can enter a dialogue to sort it out.

31 Jul, 2009

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