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rabbits digging holes


By Clyant

United Kingdom Gb

i haven'nt long buried my husband and i go over the cemetry everynight and the rabbits have made big holes on his grave i have put a a surround with a chin going aroun on my husbands grave it is very upsetting when i go over to see big huge holes on his grave someone told me to put pepper on there which i did bit it did'nt work can anyone help me out please



Oh! Clyant, this is very upsetting for you. The only thing you could do is make a wire cage to put over the top, though this may not appeal to you. Can you ask the people in charge of the graveyard to get in some pest control? as they are desecrating the grave and probably others as well. Do hope you can resolve the problem.

31 Jul, 2009


I really feel for you on this most distressing problem. I have no real direct experience of rabbits on my land. All I can suggest maybe is to perhaps put plastic coting chicken wire in the top 1/2" of soil. This is how my dad stopped my pet rabbit digging her way out many years ago.

31 Jul, 2009


I am so sorry for your loss, Clyant and
I know exactly what you are going through. I had a very similar problem and agree that in the short term - you must anchor some wire netting over the grave...unsightly I know and those in charge of the cemetery may fuss. But - until THEY do something must do something to stop this dreadful desecration. I believe once the ground settles - the rabbits lose interest. However that is some time ahead for you. The rabbits here are still a major problem in parts of our graveyards - especially the newer parts. Our biggest problem now is that we just can NOT lay fresh flowers...they are gone overnight. All our funeral wreaths and flowers are still being destroyed in hours which is very distressing for all concerned. We did try the "Animal Deterrent" but it was not much good and was washed away by the rains.

31 Jul, 2009

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