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I've just planted narcissus bulbs in my lawn. The ground below the turf is clay. I placed horticultural grit in the 100mm deep planting hole beneath the bulbs but am concerned that, because of the poor nature of the soil, the bulbs will need fertilized.
What fertilizer would you recommend to be applied to the surface that would benefit both the grass and the newly planted bulbs?
Many thanks
Barrie Todd / County Down / Northern Ireland.



I don't think fertilising them will help at this time of the year, as you can't affect the bulbs. I'd do it after they've flowered. Leave the foliage to die back and then feed them with a general fertiliser like blood, fish and bone...but water it in, as foxes love it! Or - you could use a liquid one, maybe a seaweed based one.

9 Oct, 2012


next years flowers will already be in the bulb. so if you plan to feed then feed after flowering. if they are blind in the spring then feed them then. Give them a foliar feed or a growmore type granular feed.

9 Oct, 2012

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