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which aconitum is this?

East Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

any help in id of this welcome. it is under the beech tree, grows ato about 4-5ft tall just coming into flower now.
thanks in anticipation.

On plant Aconitum




Don't know the variety, but it is a very pretty one....

31 Jul, 2009


It looks similar to my Aconitum Ivorine Sbg...have a look below....:o)

31 Jul, 2009


I did wonder about ivorine but a friend grows it and hers has a lot smaller flower and it flowers may/june rather than now. It was also a much creamier colour without the tinge of blue on the edges.
when was /is yours in flower Janey?

1 Aug, 2009


It could be "Cloudy", but that usually only grows to 2 ft.
"Eleanara" is a good candidate, as it grows to 40".
Mind you, I only grow the Yellow ones, so what do I know?

1 Aug, 2009


Possibly aconitum napellus 'Album' - grows four to five feet and flowers mid to late summer

1 Aug, 2009


Yep....youre right Sbg........I hadn't noticed the bluey edging, and yes mine was in flower in May.

1 Aug, 2009


Thanks for the suggestions I will do a little research. I have 'album' Andrewr and it is pure white and flowered last month, but thanks for the suggestion.

1 Aug, 2009

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