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Why ROSES reduced in size?

Himachal Pradesh, India In

Three months earlier I brought 1 of 4 pots of BLOODRED ROSES from my sister's house because huge size and redness of its flowers was very attractive.But now,although the petal size and color of new blooms at my house still the same bloodred but flower size is half of those previous ones at my sister's house



Must be to do with the root disturbance. Once they settle in, they should produce normal sized flowers.

1 Aug, 2009


The other thing is, are there any differences between how your sister is growing them and you? Have you got them in a pot and she hasn't, for instance? Does she feed them with a specialist rose food and you haven't?

1 Aug, 2009


As the weather heats up, the roses will produce smaller flowers. It has something to do with conservation of moisture. You will probably find that the blooms will get larger as the weather cools. The colour may get deeper too.

2 Aug, 2009

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