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Sick looking runner beans.

derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

Some of my runner bean leaves have gone very pale,would it be ok to feed them with tommorite?I've still only got flowers but no beans.



I would - they are gross feeders!

1 Aug, 2009


Thanks Alzheimer i'l give them a feed later when it stops raining, if it ever does.

1 Aug, 2009


PS ..should have added....bring some pots of flowers near to your beans so that the bees (if they ever come out from hiding from the rain!) can pollinate the flowers for you. ...otherwise no beans may form. I wouldn't bother spraying the flowers with water - in weather like this - need I say more!!

1 Aug, 2009


Thank-you Ican try that as well. I'ts a pity slugs don't polinate as i've got loads of them.

1 Aug, 2009


Join the clan, Tulsalady.! It has been a "good year" for them hasn't it...I could start a Bistro - serving Escargots - with or without Coquilles !!! LOL

1 Aug, 2009

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