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What is the best method of getting rid of moss and lichen from soil in flower beds?

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It keeps growing and I keep removing it by skimming it off the soil - I'm not going to have any soil left soon!



Interesting that you've got so much of it- this usually means the soil is compacted and in a shady, damp area. You can help the situation by digging with a garden fork - turn the soil over wherever possible, in between plants, without disturbing plant roots - this will aerate the soil and enable water to drain more freely, thus discouraging the moss and lichen.

1 Aug, 2009


Flamethrower - my friend uses it once a year to control his garden, but he's not a gardener, so he's quite happy looking at scorched earth until spring arrives.
So, if you can hold the damn thing steady . . . . . . . . . . . . ?

1 Aug, 2009


Blimy Burgundy....thats a bit drastic....I agree with Bamboo....its a drainage issue.....incorporate compost in the soil and keep surface broken...plenty of activity with a hoe or fork.....

1 Aug, 2009


I've had some moss on top of some of my greenhouse pots - now I know what has caused it ! -damp, shady conditions ( and poor drainage in my case!) thanks Richard

2 Aug, 2009


Thank you for your advice. I think I'll go with Bamboo's although the idea of a flamethrower from Burgundy does sound quite appealing! Bamboo has identified my problem - it is damp and quite shady and hasn't been dug over for quite a while as it is full of plants. Perhaps it's time to rethink the planting and give it a makeover.

2 Aug, 2009


No . No . . NO.
Drastic is all about having a bonfire, going to the chemist and visiting a garden centre.
How so?
Well, you use the charcoal from the bonfire, flowers of sulphur from the chemist, and a certain weedkiller from the GC.
Mix according to knowledge, add a catylist, and "BOMBS YER UNCLE"!!!!!

Blow the damn bed up and start again.
The downside is that much won't grow in it for several years, but then you won't be gardening for several years, enjoying the 24hr entertainment from Her Majesty's Pleasure!!!
Just a thought (Smile).
When you get out, nature will have designed the most resplendent bed for you, and a makeover will be completely needless.
Time to cast your eyes towards that other flower bed yonder.

4 Aug, 2009

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