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Is there such a thing as a Red Mirabelle plum

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I have a large tree which produces hundreds (or thousands) of miniature plum-like fruit about the size of a large grape but which turn dark red when ripe. The flesh tastes vry similar to a plum and the small stone is the same shape. Can anyone identify it please.



Certainly there is a red skinned one - I had two trees in my garden for many years until bacterial canker wiped them out. Prunus Institia "Gypsey" is the red one.They are absolutely delicious and make heavenly jelly - if you can be bothered! I used to bottle them for the winter and they were a real treat as they are SO sweet. There is a yellow one as well ..."Drap D'Or" or some such name - and the friend who gave me my trees had both varieties. They are slow maturing trees but once they get going they are LADEN. Take good care of it - they are not easy to get in the UK. They originated in Asia - but for some reason have never caught on in the UK which I find strange as I think they are wonderful and I am very jealous!!!
ENJOY your treat!

1 Aug, 2009

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