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Are there blue welsh poppies

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Having read the replies to my first question, I have looked again at the poppies and they are still in flower and very mauve/blue. I think they are just poppies, the small kind that are normally yellow or orange. Thank you for the replies.



Hi Anniepannie no they are not the Welsh poppy which is Mecanopsis Cambrica but another Mecanopsis from the Himalayas, probably M. betonicifolia take a look at these pix You are a very lucky lady to have those Mecs. people spend good money to buy the plants (at Gardening Scotland they cost £10 a plant).

2 Aug, 2009


Annie, if by 'welsh poppies' you are refering to Meconopsis cambrica then the flowers of this plant vary between yellow and a yellowy orange, not blue. It is possible that in your case 'welsh poppy' is an accepted local name for some other plant.
There must be seed heads showing by now, what shape are they? If they are very round then the plant is a poppy (papaver) but if they are elongated they are a meconopsis and probaly the Himalayan Blue Poppy, Meconopsis betonicifolia or one of the related species.

2 Aug, 2009

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