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h0w do iget worms into my garden

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i have no worms in my garden



Hi Dantheman start by adding lots of good compost, in fact anything that will increase the nutritional value of your soil... look at it this way the worms eat soil, so they go where there is good rich soil. Dig in composted bark if you can get it or soil improver. The best though is good organic compost that you have made yourself - the worms will be in it before you even dig it into the ground.

2 Aug, 2009


Do you already have your own compost heap or bin (must have worm access from soil into open-ended bottom!) They should flock to that quite fast if you add to it regularly and keep a good mix of wetter/dryer stuff also known as "green"/"brown" - at least that is how our local auth. composting advice terms it. e.g. grass cuttings or potato peelings are "green" (wettish, needing some e.g. egg boxes "brown" to alternate the layers.
Compost all you can, and the worms will rush in soon. Good luck!

2 Aug, 2009

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