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What type of Cherry is this?

Aquitane, France Fr

We have quite a few of these Cherry trees growing around the house which have fruited in abundance this year. We didn't plant these so we have no idea what type of cherry they are. They taste very sweet but do not have a strong cherry taste, the stalks of the fruit are quite short as well compared to a normal cherry. Are there any fruit tree experts on GOY who could identify this?




The way the fruit is hanging, and the appearance, I'd say this isn't a cherry but more likely some type of plum or a cherry plum. Cherries have longer stalks and are not quite so 'plum' like in shape. This probably explains why they don't taste like cherries!
Try doing an 'image' search on Google under cherry plum and see if you can find anything that looks similar.

2 Aug, 2009


Thanks for that Bertiefox.

2 Aug, 2009

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