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Thank you for what is clearly sound advice especially regarding using lawn feed which is high in nitrogen and contains weed killer.
May I assume therefore that this category of lawn feed should be avoided at any time of the year even when the bulbs are dormant?



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10 Oct, 2012


I've checked back to follow this thread - yes, you can use Autumn lawn feed and weed and mosskiller. The nitrogen it contains is very slow release so the amount it releases will not affect your bulbs in any way. Lawn food isn't the problem, not at any time of the year - what might be a problem is any combined lawn weed and feed preparations, (not autumn ones) which are usually applied in April. If you have bulbs in the turf, the advice is to wait until all bulb foliage has died down before applying. In other words, yes, you can use proprietary lawn treatments, just not when the bulbs are active, with either flowers or foliage. A wait of 6 to 8 weeks after flowering should be sufficient.

10 Oct, 2012

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