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why am I not getting any blooms on my sweet peas?

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I bought the seedlings about a month ago and they are now looking very strong with strong stems. Lots of leaves and tendrils but no blooms as yet. They are about 1 foot in length.
Any ideas?



Hang on in there, Loriskeen! If they are the tall ones - you may have quite a long wait - they can go to 4-5 ' before flowering and if you want a lot of flowers - pinch out the tips now.
If they are the short ones for baskets etc....again pinch out the tips and give them a feed of tomato fertiliser to get them going. But really - they just need time and SUNSHINE..whenever that happens !

2 Aug, 2009


I'm no expert but I don't think they can be ready yet Loriskeen...mine are 3 foot in length & only just forming buds. They are a climbing plant so I guess they've got a bit more to go before they flower?
We haven't had any hot sun for ages either & if you are any where near me in Dorset your sweet peas are probably wondering what's going on like mine!

2 Aug, 2009


thanks! Will wait patiently then :o)

What do you mean by pinch the tips?

2 Aug, 2009


Pinching out the tips of the plants means cutting off - (or pinching with your finger nails if yours are long enough! LOL!) the growing tops of the plants - down to the next pair of leaves when they are about the height yours are. This encourages vigorous growth in the seedlings and makes lots of bushy side growth and more flowers.
They look a wee bit sad for a few days - but you wait - they will then grow lots of side shoots and hopefully the weather will oblige and you will get a lovely show yet!! Good luck!

2 Aug, 2009


Sweet peas need at least fifteen pair of leaves before they start to blossom, unless given a strong fertiliser to upset the natural process. Do not feed them until after the first light bloom, which should occur at about that size. Be a little more patient; they will bloom for you unless you planted them too late and they did not have time to develop. They should be planted around October in the garden or started and transplanted at about the same time. The key to sweet peas is long, slow root growth (you'll not notice a lot of top growth until spring time) and, of course, they should be in full sun. Pinching out means that they will branch more heavily, it has nothing to do with blossoming, though.

3 Aug, 2009

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