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Hi, a gardening novice here. Can someone please confirm this is a weed before I pull it out of the ground? Many thanks.




No, it's lovely Nigella damascena or Love in a Mist. Pick off the puffy seed pods when they are brown and crispy (preferably on a dry day) and open the pods and save the seed in a paper envelope. You could sow some in situ now and keep some to scatter in spring. Write the name on the envelope as, even though you think you will remember what's in the won't!!

10 Oct, 2012


they are nigela love in a mist. they are an annual so yes pull the plants up. the dry seed heads can be used for flower arranging. the black seeds are easy to grow. scatter a few now and then in early spring and again a month later . I find they will self sow too. looking at the dry pods they probably will have too.
one of my favouite plants. a good space filler.

10 Oct, 2012


Thanks for the advice. If I just leave it will the plant 'disappear' this winter and then 're-appear' next spring?

10 Oct, 2012


The same plant won't appear again but some of its dropped seeds will probably germinate there.

10 Oct, 2012


Is there any other way of learning snoopd? :o)
Never been a fast learner!

10 Oct, 2012


Go for it, Snoopdog - it's the only way!

10 Oct, 2012

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