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Mid Glamorgan, Wales Wal

Hello hope someone is online before I decide what to do would you compost this pot been there since March I always feel guilty when there a just a few flowers hanging on so help rid me of my guilt lol

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No, not yet. If we get a mild autumn they could still be colourful until end of November. Maybe buy some winter plants and have them ready to replace the summer bedding when it starts to offend you!

10 Oct, 2012


I'd be delighted if my pots had looked as good as this during the height of the season.
I'd enjoy it for a few more weeks if it were me.

10 Oct, 2012


Thank you will do .

10 Oct, 2012


Good decision!

10 Oct, 2012


It looks I would leave it..if it looks straggly but still healthy looking,you can give it a trim,so if it stays mild,it will still grow for a while yet...I did this with mine and still looking good ..

10 Oct, 2012

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