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By Sufc

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After cutting back last year my deutzia has had very strong and healthy growth this season. However it has still not flowered. Anybody else got the same???



All deutzia should be pruned right after the flowering. Pruning is carried out by taking out all of the flowered stems, pruning them back by about one third of their previous length.

Together with this, Deutzias respond to heavy pruning of around one in three of their old woody less vigorous stems - right back close to ground level. This will encourage new basal shoots, which will soon grow to full length and provide a succession of healthy shoots for following years. Each year - at pruning time - cut back a further third of the old stems to ground level.

They flower on old wood, i.e. wood that was produced last year, So if you pruned this off, then you will lose the flowers. Prune immediately after flowering then leave. The growth produced this year will carry flowers next year.

I havent had any probs with this way!

2 Aug, 2009

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