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I know now is a good time of year for dividing herbacous plants ...but would it be ok to split Jack Frost ,Geums and Ladys Mantle? If so how? 2 forks back to back or chopping with a spade , also do I put new divided plants straight into the garden or pot them up up and over winter in greenhouse oh ! and Phlox do I just cut them back now or can I split them as well ?



look for natural areas in the clump where you can see plants side by side, separarte them here as they are foring natral plants by them selves. Lift the plant and use which ever method you prefer. the 2 forks methos rips the plant at these natural junctions. I have used bread knives before as the blade is big enough to cut through the middle. This method will be good for all plants mentioned. though lady's mantle often self seeds freely.

I would put them straight back into their new homes in the garden after digging it well and adding compost to improve the soil. Water well even if it does rain a bit. phlox can be split now too. but cut the dead stems down to about 6" so you know where they are.

hope this helps.

10 Oct, 2012


You can split Lady's mantle any old time, it is a toughie. I hope you can do geums as I'm going to! Use two forks for starters and if you can't get them in then resort to the spade. Sorry don't know what jack Frost is.

10 Oct, 2012


Jack frost is a variegated Brunnera and it will split nicely using 2 forks. or bare hands if its a very big plant.

10 Oct, 2012


:)) Sounds familiar - think I must have known this once!

10 Oct, 2012


Thanks to all for taking the time to reply your comments were really helpful.

17 Oct, 2012

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