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does virgina creeper cause dampness in houses

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my neighbour says the creeper is causing dampness and wnats it cut down



Not sure, i have one on my neighbours house to cover up the horrible wall. I
would of thought if anything it helps to deflect rain and the leaves are huge esp, the 3 lobed one and stand at least a foot away from the wall. The rain runs off away from the base of the wall and runs away.
I had to chop half off as they wear having the house weather coated- not convinced as surely the bricks cant breath.Its soon reclainign its old territory, but im keeping it controlled.
Generally im not sure if it does or doesn't. The suckers done go into the mortar like ivy does they are just sticky pads thet dont pull any brick or moratr off when removed so im would say probably not a problem..

3 Aug, 2009


I have a Virginia Creeper growing up a fence as I was worried about the damage they may do to walls that are crumbling although I understand that if walls are in a good state they will not cause them to crumble - however they may cause dampness if the weather in your area is very wet / or is prone to dampness
See this link from the RHS for more information... you need to copy and paste it in as it doesn't create a straight link - sorry!

3 Aug, 2009


Whether or not it causes dampness isn't the question, really,the legal position is simple: If the creeper is growing over your neighbour's property, fence, wall, house or garden, he is fully within his rights to request the the growth in those areas is removed. He does not have any rights over aplant growing in your garden, up your house, on your fences and walls. So if the growth of your creeper has encroached on his property, you must remove that growth.

5 Aug, 2009


True bamboo!

5 Aug, 2009

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