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St John's Wort have been growing since a seedling - it looks like a big ol weed now any ideas - compost heap or keep




If you cut it right back it'll probably grow again, and there are bound to be more seedlings. If you compost it you may get seedlings too.
You don't say whether you like it.

3 Aug, 2009


Thanks Read - can't make up my mind about it - maybe I'll just eat it as it's supposed to have medicinal properties :)

3 Aug, 2009


I don't think eating it is a good idea. It's medicinally used in the treatment of depression, but it's an extract of one particular variety. As a depressive, I would prefer to stick to Prozac!.

3 Aug, 2009


Or football !

3 Aug, 2009


Hey Alison I'll stick to the prozac for now :) Cora I am watching the football as I type so there will be no end to my happiness today

3 Aug, 2009


Everyone to their

3 Aug, 2009


I can't believe people are saying take prozac rather than st john's wort!

It is an amazing anti depressant working the same way as prozac but with out the side affects.
it is also used as a healing herb to treat cuts, and tea made from dried leaves and flowers can be a good `pickme up`
I think it is a remarkable herb (even if it does look a bit straggly).....cut it back and grow it next year

3 Aug, 2009


St john's wort may interact with the
contraceptive pill making it less effective and can increase photosensitivity etc. Herbs have side-effects too.

As for whether to should keep it or not - I think that's purely a matter of whether you happen to like the plant. If not then replace with something that you do.

3 Aug, 2009


Thanks lads for your comments - I grew this fella from a seedling so have got quite attached to it - will cut it back and hopefully will enjoy it again next year - lucky for me I don't need prozac or st johns wort (at the mo) however love reading the different comments which are all very helpful

5 Aug, 2009

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