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Can I grow bougainvillea and jasminum polyanthum outdoors?

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

We are moving house and initially there will be no greenhouse or conservatory to house my bougainvillea or jasminum polyanthum (currently growing happily in a conservatory). Is there any way I can grow them outdoors at our new place, perhaps in a sheltered south-facing position? We live in Hampshire, so our winters are usually fairly mild.



They are both frost tender.
But will be fine out doors in summer but definitely not when the weather starts to turn. Jasminum polyanthum likes sun or part shade.

3 Aug, 2009


My gran has this Jasminum polyanthum growing outside and its WILD! It's as tall as her house and it's invading her gutters. She prunes it but it just springs back as good as ever...So, yes, Jasminum polyanthum DOES grow well outside!!!

4 Aug, 2009


Arr yes Pip_C you live in Sydney!! LOL Oakleyresident is in UK.

5 Aug, 2009

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