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I have small holes in my salad leaves, what causes this..


By Bethi

United Kingdom Gb

I have a very small garden, it can be measured in feet and inches, . i am in my eighties so it is fine for me,, I grow salad leaves, basil and beet root, as well as early potatos in bags,, I find that something is making little holes in the leaves of my salad leaves and the basil, really would love to know how to stop this.. Bethi.



slugs , snails or caterpillas are the most likely,
check at night time with torch as that's when slugs and snails come out

3 Aug, 2009


Thank you Perditadura, but , no , my garden is a no go area for both slugs and snails, The leaves are not being eaten, but there are just small holes in them, my grandson says he has seen a lot of lady birds about, surely they are not responsible..
Greatful for any more ideas,, and of course, how on earth do I stop it,

3 Aug, 2009


I think they're caused by flea beetles. From the allotment organisation:
You can spray with a pesticide such as Derris. The active ingredient is rotenone which is made from tropical plant extracts. It is organically approved but you could try an alternative strategy from Bob Flowerdew. Coat one side of a piece of cardboard with treacle and wave the card just above the affected plant, brushing the topmost edges of the leaves. The beetle jumps onto the treacle and sticks there.

4 Aug, 2009


Thank you Wagger,, I was alright with your reply for the first half.
I absolutly refuse to stand waving a piece of cardboard painted with treacle above my plants.
But it gave me the best laugh I have had for ages, definitly sending that round the family. Bethi

4 Aug, 2009


You have to have a two foot long plait hanging over your shoulder to be allowed to do that.

4 Aug, 2009


Thanks Wagger, I still dont know what is making holes in my salad leaves, but I have enjoyed the answers, and had a good laugh. Bethi.

4 Aug, 2009

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