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Climbing Hydrangea


By Motinot

down, Ireland Ie

My Hydrangea 'petiolaris' (which i may add has never flowered) is covered with these unsightly it rust? Could anyone please tell me what to do about it....It happened very suddenly...The under-leaves dont seem to be affected...YET....Thanks...




Did you have hail recently?

3 Aug, 2009


This is probably the hydrangea leaf spot, the yellow 'halo' indicates that it is bacterial. It causes no long term damage but the plant may need regular feeding/watering . You can cut off the affected leaves to improve its appearance.

3 Aug, 2009


Can't help about the spots on your climbing Hydrangea,but do not give up on the non flowering .

This year,after a wait of five years,my climbing Hydrangea has flowered beautifully. Each year it grew higher but no flowers. I was considering uprooting it and replacing it with something else,but I am glad that I didn't !

3 Aug, 2009


Hi Owdboggy, no we didnt have hail recently, plenty of heavy rain though.....Thanks Aster, i'll do as you suggest.....Justvera, hello, you must have been delighted when your Hydrangea p flowered...i also was considering taking it out, especially when it developed leaf spot...maybe Ill be patient a while longer...thanks guys...:>)

4 Aug, 2009


I asked about the hail because we had similar markings which were diagnosed as Leaf spot, but which turned out to be hail damage. They look similar. Patience is definitely needed with these plants. Ours took at least 5 years and possibly more (cannot remember when we planted it) before it produced any flowers.
Tell it you will dig it out if it does not flower next year. Then feed it with some Tomorite as a boost.

4 Aug, 2009

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