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Growing grass for rabbit run

Leics, United Kingdom Gb

My daughter has just moved back home and brought her pet rabbit with her. We used to have grass in our back garden but now have it all decked. I was wondering about growing some grass in trays to put down in the run and wondered what type of grass would be best. I suppose I would have to grow it in succession as it woud deteriorate, get muddy, and/or eaten! - any ideas?



The rabbit will be fine just eating greens, cabbage, dandelions, weeds such as chickweed, sowthistle, groundsel and hairy bittercress. dont give lettuce though as it gives them the 'runs'. {i am not implying your garden is full of weeds :o) but mine is}

as for growing grass it wont be very successful i am afraid. but a rye grass mix or a mix for 'tough' grass would be best for the bunnies.

4 Aug, 2009


Thanks for your kind advice Seaburngirl. I was thinking of putting the grass (as you mention tough grass) down in some layers (turf) in his run for hopping, jumping and playing around on, as opposed to eating as it may be a bit more friendlier than on straw/hay laid on top of the decking. He has plenty of the other- he wolfs down my cabbage, broccoli and other greens that I grow, we also collect dandelion leaves for him as he especially loves them. Cheers for now Richard

5 Aug, 2009

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