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ID Please...


By Motinot

down, Ireland Ie

Can someone please tell me what this little flower is called.?..The leaves are very thin and grass-like.....I dont remember planting it in my alpine trough...:>)




I have a feeling its a campanula although those are'nt its leaves - they are thinner - I have one just popped up in my garden.

4 Aug, 2009


The flowers look like tritelaria laxa. its a bulb and the leaves are grass like and i can see them in the bottom of the shot and they tend to emerge and die off before the flowers.Several of us grow it. I have it in my plant list with a photo.
The leaves behind look like they are rudbeckia or echinacia.h

4 Aug, 2009


I looked it up and i do believe you are right Seab...this piece is at the front edge of my border and the other leaves are indeed rudbeckia...thanks....sorry Cammomile :>)

4 Aug, 2009


i have mis spelt its name mind so sorry for that.

4 Aug, 2009


No worries Seab...Triteleia laxa....i know what you

4 Aug, 2009

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