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By Alan001

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Has anyone any suggestions on how to rid my lawn of fungus. The lawn was laid about 15 months ago and was fine until around February this year when I noticed lots of little toadstool like fungi. Have tried the usual weed and feed treatment, and also pulled up fungus by hand but to no avail. I think that the lawn is now developing "red thread fungus"? Any help would be very much appreciated. Cheers Alan.



Weedkiller won't touch toadstools as the main plant is underground and the toadstools are just the fruiting bodies for producing spores. They soon disappear again so all you can do is either wait for them to go or pick or brush them off. They will most likely keep coming back though, but only when the weather is right for them. Sometimes they grow on buried wood but as there are so many different kinds its impossible to say what yours are from what you say.I rather like them so don't mind if they come on my lawn!

There is lots of info about red thread on google.

11 Oct, 2012

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