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hi there x need to find out what this lovely flower is and hoping some one will know!!!!! my daughter bought them from the super market... so pretty .... they look like stocks (tall with lots of smallish pink flowers ) at first glance.... but the foliage is almost identical to cosmos x got to grow some in my garden x x



any chance of a photo?

nothing rings a bell from the description.

11 Oct, 2012


Might be Larkspur.

11 Oct, 2012


If it is in flower now it is possibly Phlox paniculata!

11 Oct, 2012


Larkspur would be my guess too

11 Oct, 2012


but foliage like cosmos? that doesnt fit with larkspur does it?
The supermarket has 'waxflower' for sale today and that kind of fits foliage wise.

12 Oct, 2012


many thanx to all answers.. since found out my mystery flower was a certain to find some to put in my garden...:>

14 Oct, 2012

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