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What is this tree, please?


By Ashlynn

United Kingdom Gb

It looks as though it might be some sort of chestnut but is definitely not a horse chestnut or a sweet chestnut. The leaves are small and the fruit is oval.




I would swear to it being a horse chestnut. Open up the seed pod and have a look.

5 Aug, 2009


I'm inclined to agree with Cammomile the leaves are palmate like a common horse-chestnut and it looks like the little spines are starting to form on the fruit. As Cammomile suggested open it up, you might find a little conker.

5 Aug, 2009


Isn't there an Indian chestnut tree that has smaller fruits and leaves? I can't find my ref. book at the moment to look it up. Are all the leaves the same with just 4 leaflets, Ashlynn? I though most chestnuts had 5-7 leaflets. Maybe I am all barking up the wrong tree..LOL

5 Aug, 2009


Just found my little book and it reminds me that the Chestnut family includes the Buckeyes and some of them do have oval conker fruits. Any use?
I am still not convinced about those leaves though...and can you tell us what the flowers looked like - that often helps.

5 Aug, 2009


try spanish chestnut or sweet chestnut. What colour is the flower? If its a pinky coral colour then it is a spanish chestnut. the chestnut will be edible if it is.

5 Aug, 2009


Wow!! Thanks, guys. I didn't expect such a prompt response, nor so many! I did not see the flowers. All the leaves are small. I will have another look and pay more attention in view of all your comments. If I can find the head gardener in the park, he may know what it is. I suspect it may be before his time but the Council calls the park Keith's garden so you will have some idea of his standing there. Thanks again. Ashlynn

5 Aug, 2009


If the flowers were red then its the Red flowered horse chestnut. Although sterile, they do sometime produce the odd fruit, but it wont come to any thing as it too is sterile Aesculus x carnea.

5 Aug, 2009


Thanks, Nicky. We shall have to wait until Spring. I'll keep you posted. Regards, Ashlynn

6 Aug, 2009

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