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sweet pea flowering period


By Kzzzzh

United Kingdom Gb

hi haven't been on for ages but have a question on sweetpea. i bought a pot of plantlets and they are doing great trailing all over the trellis but no flowers...does anyone know when they flower or is it too late now ..thanks in advance



I'm absolutely sure they will flower soon, and early August is hardly too late. Our problem seems to be that our sweet peas flower and then we miss picking of the dead flowers and pods so that they stop flowering.
It's good to have some things flowering late to get late summer and autumn flowering.
Give them sufficient space in a pot; you don't say how many plantlets or in what size pot. But I'm sure you will get a good display this summer. After all, that is what plants grow to do, especially annuals.

6 Aug, 2009


Mine are only just coming into bud & they are still very small...think there's still plenty of time.

6 Aug, 2009


thanks guess i am just over eager, its my first year growing sweetpea. they are not in pots now they are in a raised bed against a back fence up a trellis so fingers crossed. s

7 Aug, 2009


It's still not too late for flowers, a high potash liquid feed might get them going.

7 Aug, 2009

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