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Can you identify this please?

Aquitane, France Fr

This plant has popped up amongst the weeds - I haven't planted it, so I've no idea as to what it is. Can anybody help?




It looks like a Silene or campion.

6 Aug, 2009


i agree with bulbaholic it is a Campion and from what i can see i'd say it was Silene vulgaris, 'bladder campion'. as it seems to be free of 'hairs'. I have been trying to get this to establish in my garden without success. lucky you.

6 Aug, 2009


Ooh - free plants!! I've found a couple more, they must have just blown in.
Can I transplant them & if so when's the best time?

6 Aug, 2009


More like a 'weed' Frenchbean :-)

6 Aug, 2009


Is it?! But I do like it...I think I'll keep it.

6 Aug, 2009


it is a wild flower or as i like to call them British natives, so if you like it keep it. Weeds are just plants in the wrong place.

I'd move them in the autumn and when the flower fades you will get a swollen 'bladder' that should have seed. so they will continue to seed around for you.

I am so envious as i can only get the red campion to grow in my garden

7 Aug, 2009


Thanks for the info Seaburngirl, I'm definitely keeping them as they are pretty. Thanks again.

7 Aug, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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