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Carrot root fly


By Kencol

United Kingdom Gb

I planted a late crop of carrots on June 1st They were covered with fleece.
When is safe to remove this fleece?


I've already grown carrots successfully this year in containers on outdoor shelves about 4ft off the ground. Not a grub in sight!!
I later planted some in the open ground with fleece cover and I am wondering if anyone knows when the carrot root fly grubs are hatched. The hope is that there are none under the fleece.If they have hatched by now I would risk opening them up to some fresh air.
Any comments would be appreciated



Im not sure you should. Its the smalle that attracts them so and thinning or harvesting, bruises foliage and attratcs flies. I would personnally leave them covered

6 Aug, 2009


Like Nicky says it the smell that attracts them. A barrier of about 12" high all around is good. The carrot root fly has to fly over the barrier and then it takes a bout a meter in distance before it comes back down to ground level.

Also by lifting the carrots on a wet drizzle day makes it awkward for the smell/scent to rise and therefore attract the root fly.

6 Aug, 2009


Next time try companion planting with parsnips, leeks or onions - the scent from the other veggies confuses the fly - thankfully!

6 Aug, 2009


Or 18 inches and as they cant get over that apparently, or just put sides and a top cover on!

6 Aug, 2009


I thought it was 30 inches?

6 Aug, 2009

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