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My husband has decided that he would like to have an ornamental acer in our garden - can anyone tell me please what is the best variety and how to care for them, as I have no idea at all. He likes the ones where the leaves turn to red in the autumn. Thanks.



Go to a local garden centre or nursery and have a look at the one that looks the best and take note of it (or even online at ). Do not buy it yet. Wait till end November and the tree will be bare and the price tag slashed in half. My Acer palmatum dissectum was £1 in B&Q last November.

12 Oct, 2012


One of the best reds is Acer palmatum dissectum Osakasuki. I have had one for years and it is a brilliant fiery red every autumn.

13 Oct, 2012


They don't like it wet and prefer a bit of shade. The palmatum dissectum can frizzle at the leaf tips if there is too much sun.

13 Oct, 2012


Hi to Kildermorie, Inverglen and Weedpatch - Thank you for your help with my choice of acers. I think I shall probably try the Palmatum dissectum and not plant it in too sunny a place to avoid the leaves frizzling up if we ever get any sun next year. I really appreciate your advice so again many thanks.

16 Oct, 2012

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