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how should I look after my little cuphea in winter

Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

It's in a 9" terracotta pot in my sheltered garden with walls and gold stone and is 6" tall. My friend has exactly the same in a larger more open garden with lawns and hedge and we don't know how to look after them in the winter months. Please help

On plant Cuphea hyssopifolia



Hi Gardengirl and welcome to GoY Cuphea is a tender, tropical shrub from Mexico. As you have it in a pot I would suggest taking into an unheated greenhouse and making sure it does not get frosted over the winter. You don't say where you are but it certainly would not survive with us up in Scotland.

7 Aug, 2009


This plant isn't hardy - it must have a minimum temperature of 7 degrees, so you'll have to take it either indoors, or in a warm -ish greenhouse. It needs light, but not direct sun in the winter, with some humidity - so putting it on a saucer of pebbles with water in it or spraying it occasionally with tepid water would help.

7 Aug, 2009


Good suggestion Spritzhenry\

7 Aug, 2009


hi thks for the advice. I'm down in south wales. I've just started taking a real interest in my garden but it all has to be in pots.

8 Aug, 2009

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