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I rang Scotts earlier this week to tell them what had happened to my 'Conference' tree almost immediately after I had sprayed it with "Miracle-Gro (ready to use) pour & feed" liquid plant food - not absolutely the correct feed I admit but surely not harmful in any way?

They suggested I send in some photos of the evidence, which I duly did (and here's one of them). I await their response.

I have checked the container that I dispensed the feed from and that was absolutely clean, so this is a real mystery - in fact the tree is in a far worse state now, it has lost some of its fruit and much of the foliage has died (I also checked with the well-known Webbs Garden Centre in Droitwich last weekend to see if 'fireblight' might be to blame but they think not).

I don't suppose anyone may be able to help?

Many thanks.

Steve R




As I see it, the feed was too strong, sprayed on in the daytime with sun and wind even when cloudy, the ultra violet rays would dry the moisture quickly on the leaves. As the tree was on the dry side this contributes to the hardness of the leaves at this time of year. To finish, foliage feeding was not a good idea as the fruit is already well advanced.

7 Aug, 2009


I am inclined to agree with dr bob but it should survive and be ok next year.

7 Aug, 2009

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