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Hello I wanted to ask what winter care is required for potted hydrangas, jasmine and Holly - put some leaves on top of soil and wrap the pots (roots) in bubble wrap . plus prune the hydranga. Anything else I need to do? Thanks very much



Firstly do not prune your hydrangea and if it still has flowers on then leave them in place, these will act as an umbrella and protect the young buds forming lower down the stem!

If the Jasmine you have is the 'nudiflorum' variety then you needn't do anything as these are winter/spring flowering!

Similarly with the holly!

If you can find a place to sink the pots into the soil this would help to prevent the rootball freezing!

Plus it will stabilise them in high winds!

Otherwise do as you mentiond wrap the pots in bubble wrap!

If you use the alphabetical index here; you will get some more information that you might find useful!

13 Oct, 2012


Also pruning time does depend on what sort of hydrangea it is. Mopheads just need deadheading in spring as they flower on the previous year's wood.
Annabel can be cut right back. Others also flower on the current year's growth so can be pruned after flowering if you wish.

13 Oct, 2012

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