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By Sandz

Scotland, United Kingdom Gb

I need your help - all your gardeners out there. Please provide suggestions or scetches on how you would change this garden - i need to keep the decking but everything else can go. I want low maintenance, an area to relax, maybe an arbour seat, or an arch somehwere - please help as I am not a gardener but hate the state of my lawn now that my dog has ruined it - its gotta go.



What size is the garden and what is your aspect. Do you have a windy site? Do you have access to a DIY dude/husband (I'm thinking raised beds and pergolas and loads of gravel)? I suppose as well one has to ask if you have a budget for this. Answers to these questions may help start our creative processes.

8 Aug, 2009


It is not a windy site - to the contrary actually. As regards to size i would say length about 42ft and wide 36ft then narrowing to 18ft beside clothes dryer ie entrance from house to the garden

I am just sizing by counting the number of fence panels ie from left to right there are 7 6ft panels - ie length 42 ft and dept from decking area it starts at 6 x 6ft panels to slabs ie 36 ft but then narrows at the left to 3 x 6 ft panels ie 18ft.

No hubby is anything but a DIY person so its down to little old me, budget well probably a maximum of £500 - not a lot i know.

The sunny side is decking then the afternoon its at the bottom of the decking ie the slabbed area

I would like some grass and i love the idea of a pergola - just where and how would it be positioned - love arbours and arbour seats etc too - i want too much i know.

8 Aug, 2009

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