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By Mary_uk

Wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

I planted a gaura this year and I don't know wether to cut it back this autumn and if it needs winter protection

On plant onagraceae



I only tidy mine in late autumn to give some frost protection, although they are frost hardy depending where grown? I cut back about 2/3rds in spring when I mulch and feed.

13 Oct, 2012


i have never got one to overwinter in east yorkshire so I have given up trying to grow them.

I would only take the top 1/3 off to reduce wind rock and then tidy it up in the spring as Drc says.

13 Oct, 2012


I always cut mine back in march/april. They're from the fuchsia family and i treat them just as i treat my hardy fuchsias

13 Oct, 2012


As you are well down south, you might be able to overwinter if in a sheltered, free-draining position. Like Seaburngirl, I believe that I would lose it to the frosts, so I would be inclined to lightly prune, pot-up and overwinter in a cool greenhouse or some frost-free, sheltered position.

14 Oct, 2012


They have very long tap roots and are drought tolerant but they hate being dug up and moved.

14 Oct, 2012


Thanks for the help. I have very light soil here and although in the south my front garden is very exposed to wind I might try fleece and keep my fingers crossed!

18 Oct, 2012

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