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Does anyone recognise this tree

Valencia & Tenerife, Spain Es

It´s huge. Looks like holly with smallish leaves, but it´s a tree. It has longish acorns but the cup is spiny. I was told it is a Garoferra but can´t find anything on Google.




I can't help thinking of Olearia when I look at this picture, but am not sure it has acorn like growths - does it have white flowers earlier in the year?
The felted, brownish colour stems and the slightly dusty colour leaves are what reminds me of Olearia, but also, actually some kind of Elaeagnus, which does produce drupes (what you might be calling acorns)

8 Aug, 2009


theres something called aholm oak or holly oak---quercus ilex-- try some pictures of that

8 Aug, 2009


It's a Kermes Oak, Gwenvokes. We're surrounded by them on the mountains here. They're evergreen, so this area always looks lush and healthy. When they're old and popping their twigs they make lovely warm logs for the fire and the moss that grown on them makes good kindling. Goats, sheep and pigs enjoy the acorns.

8 Aug, 2009


I googled Kermes Oak, having found it in my tree book this morning, but the pics I found didn't look like the photo on this page, though I realise its probably showing the juvenile leaves above, rather than the mature ones. Good to know though, Nariz. Can you confirm, Gwenvokes?

8 Aug, 2009


I googled your suggestions and my trees do appear to be Kermes Oaks. They are evergreen and don´t have flowers, except Wikipedia etc describe them as "a large shrub, rarely a tree" and my 4 are all about 30ft high. Does that qualify as a "large shrub", ha ha. I think the dusted leaf appearance is due to the sun shining on them when I took the pic (sorry if you´ve forgotton what sun is Bamboo! PS If you think your garden is overgrown, have a look at mine !!). Thanks everyone, I knew I could rely on you, Gwen

9 Aug, 2009

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