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Any ideas


By Sandz

Scotland, United Kingdom Gb

Hi I have just registered after viewing YoungDaisyDees beautiful garden, it is fabulous. Could Daisy or anyone with a creative eye cast your eye over my garden pictures which I loaded today, and please any pictures or scketches on what you would do to my garden would be extremely helpful. I am not a gardener at all but am now embarrassed by just how bad it looks and want to try and tackle this myself so minimum labour but more in design and shape and different zoning ideas is what i am looking for . I have detailed some info on my profile. I wish my garden looked as good as Daisys - you have a bit of everything in there too





Well pardon me for agreeing with you!! It certainly could do with a makeover. It's a pity your deck is in the corner with no room for planting, as it is against the fence - and it would be good to have a photo showing an overall view higher up, so its possible to see what your garden is surrounded by - it looks as if there's no planting next door either. How do you feel about tall shrubs or trees? That's probably the only way you're going to get some privacy on that deck. And climbers up the fence of course - and that lawn and gravel have to go....why is the lawn surrounded by chippings? Is there a reason for that? Another pic, as requested? Sorry to ask so many questions, but I do like to give good and appropriate advice, so need more info. Oh, and welcome to GoY;-)

8 Aug, 2009


Bamboo I think I have responded as a private answer - its all new to me this site - but if there is anything you need to know just ask - ps there is no planting at the neighbours side either just the 6 ft fence at ether side i am looking for instant impact - and initially thought of just returfing and then with a central focal point - but i really do not have a clue

8 Aug, 2009


how exciting a new canvas to work on
I think Bamboo will have a wail of a time helping you here, shes got loads of great advice

keep us posted with the pics and updates

looking forward to the outcome

x x x

8 Aug, 2009

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