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Size of trusses


By Daveq

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

How big should I let the trusses grow? as some have broken and bent down.I have tied them up and they seem to be ok.Should i cut some of the fruit off so they are not so heavy and with less fruit will I get a better crop.




We don't just support the trusses

8 Aug, 2009


this looks fab. I recently trimmed off all the extra bits that hadnt yet got toms growing and any extra foliage to help with aireation (scuse the spelling) and to entice more energy towards the toms already there
I have the really heavy branches tied up to supports so as to reduce the tendancy to break.
Im no expert but think this looks great I would say keep doing what you are doing

x x

8 Aug, 2009


More trusses are starting to sag now have about 7 tied up.They are starting to ripen so will be picking them soon,making the trusses lighter.

13 Aug, 2009


sounds yummy

x x x

13 Aug, 2009


Good luck!

13 Aug, 2009

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